Early Language Development

The following ideas will help your child’s early language to develop.They will learn the skills needed to start communication and to start saying their first words.

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Basic Language Development Ideas

These are short descriptions of the basic ideas I give parents to help them get communication started.  Communication is always the goal.  Words will come.  Read More.

Fun First Sounds and Words

Children’s first Sounds and Words are often “Fun” sounding.  These can be easier for children to say because they often use early developing sounds (H, P, B, M, W and simple vowels), often repeat themselves, are fun to say, and are motivating to say over and over again.  They are a great way to get talking started.  Read More.

Make Your Child Noisy!

Every child needs to be noisy. None of us can talk unless we know how to produce sound purposefully. Some children who aren’t talking yet will already be doing this, but some may not.  Here are some ideas to help move a toddler towards becoming noisy.  Read More.

Increasing Imitation

Imitation is a powerful and important skill to teach your child.  The more your child is able to imitate the better he will be at learning new sounds and words.  Imitation also creates and increases social connections.  Read More.

Using Pictures to Communicate

Pictures are a great way to help children learn to communicate more frequently and more effectively.  They can decrease frustration and help to get talking started.  Read More.

Tempt Communication

Try these ideas to encourage your child to communicate.  Before doing this have in mind what you want your child to do – look, point, make a sound, say a word etc.  Don’t hold out for something that he can’t do.    Read More