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Work on F sounds at home with this easy to follow guide. Helping your child’s speech at home can be easy and straightforward if the right steps are followed. Give your child the gift of clear speech at home in just a few minutes each day.

“Super helpful! Parent friendly language!”

Everything you need including: – Assessment guide – How to Establish the F sound – Indirect Therapy Ideas – Direct Therapy Ideas – Games Suggestions – 72 pictures for F at the Start, Ends and Middle of Words. Published without Digital Rights Management, this eBook can be easily printed.

All of the ideas and materials are based on my 28 years of experience working with children and families as a Speech-Language Pathologist. Good speech is important. Working on speech sounds, even individual sounds such as F can have a big impact on a child’s speech. Words become easier to understand, children become more confident and frustration is reduced for everyone. Better Speech, Language and Social Communication are truly the best gifts any parent can give their child.


Complete speech program for parents to work on F sounds at home.  Downloadable PDF Format.

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