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R is often a difficult sound for young children. Problems with R can persist into adulthood if not treated properly.

Working on R sounds can be is easy and straightforward and if the right steps are followed and is something that can be done at home in just a few minutes each day.

This program provides parents with everything they need to work on R at home including:
– Assessment guide to help you decide if you need to work on R
– Guide with specific ideas on how to establishing the R sound
– Step by step directions for how to do Indirect and Direct Therapy
– 168 pictures for initial Rs, all of the different Vowel Rs & R blends
– Game ideas
– And more

“Super helpful! Parent friendly language!

While all of the ideas and materials are based on my over 30 years of experience working with children and families as a Speech-Language Pathologist, they are just a guide. They cannot replace therapy with or an assessment by a Speech-Language Pathologist or any other professional.

Please contact me at if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you.

Better Speech and Language is truly the best gift any parent can give their child.


Complete speech program for parents to work on R sounds at home.  Downloadable PDF Format.

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