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Stopping is when a child takes long “noisy” sounds such as S, Z ,Sh, Ch, F, V & Th and changes or “Stops” them into a T, D, P or B.  This can happen at the start of words such as “Shoe” becoming “Two” or at the ends of words such as “Leaf” becoming “Leap”.

When children are learning how to talk many will Stop some of their sounds. Working on Stopping can be easy and straightforward if the right steps are followed and can be done at home in just a few minutes each day.

Included in this PDF program:
– Assessment guide to help you decide if you need to work on Stopping
– Step by step instructions for providing both Indirect and Direct Therapy
– 96 fun colorful minimal pair pictures to help with stopping for all of the different “Noisy Sounds”
– Visual supports to make it easier to say Noisy Sounds
– Game Ideas and More

Teach your child to talk.


Complete speech program for parents to work on Stopping  at home.  PDF Format.

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