Red Flags for Speech and Language Development at 18 Months:

If your child is having trouble with any of the following you should seek an assessment by a speech-language therapist or other professional who works with child development.

  • No Joint Attention – doesn’t look at what you point at – doesn’t share looks back and forth.  
  • Isn’t pointing at things he/she wants.
  • Using less than 3 gestures.  
  • Can’t point to at least 3 major body parts.
  • Doesn’t respond to name. 
  • Doesn’t understand simple commands like “Don’t Touch”.
  • Doesn’t point to pictures in a book.
  • Using less than 4 consonant sounds.
  • Was a “quiet” baby.  Didn’t Babble, isn’t using Jargon.  
  • Doesn’t try to imitate words.
  • Saying less than 20 words.

If the only concern is that your child isn’t saying many words yet then he may be a “late talker”.  This is when children have all of the skills needed to talk but are still not yet saying words.  Late talking is a bit less of a concern but should be monitored closely.  If you don’t see progress then seek help.  

I hope this helps.  

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